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AST 300 FTD's Built to Your Specifications

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All of the sims we sell are of the latest revisions and can be upgraded with any of our custom products at a later time. All sims will come with the Custom Airport Database so you can choose the airports you want

We never just resale any simulator we aquire, Every sim that arrives in our shop is taken down to the bare frame then completely built up testing all componets and systems. It is built up using only the options the customer wants so you have total control of what you purchase.

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The Emporia Municipal Airport
Emporia Kansas 66801

We offer two different options when purchasing an FTD or Simulator


View Photos of Our Restoration Process Here! 

1) Frame-Up Refurbishment

Includes Frame-Up rebuild and testing of all components before and after assembly, Extensive testing of all systems and must pass flight acceptance testing. Retains older style panels, High back Pilots seat and Full King Air Style ABS Plastic Enclosure. Sold with standard service contract for one year, delivery and training.


2) Total Restoration

Includes the above processes but also may include but not limited to the replacement of Cables, Potentiometers, Motor Drives, Monitors, Terminals and any wear items. It also will include the Newest Panels, Power Supply, Instrumentation and Instructor Console. It will come with the Heavier Custom Painted Fiber-Glass King Air Style Enclosure.This option is sold with a One Year Warranty on all parts and will include Delivery, Set-Up and Training.

Please look at the Sim differences page for pictures of a recent total restoration


These Three FTD's are currently For Sale
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This AST 300 is ready to Fly!
It has undergone an extensive Frame-Up Restoration
This AST is fully loaded with every available option and is the only 300 with a Alternator and Vacuum/Suction Instrumentation
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Pictured without Full Fiberglass Enclosure for Demonstration Purposes


This was the Last AST 300 Produced New by the Factory. It is also                                This AST 300 is currently going through a Full  Restoration
The Only AST 300 Ever Produced with Functioning Vacuum/Suction                                  Starting from a bare frame this sim will be As-New when
and Alternator guages. This sim has just been put on the rack and                                    Complete.
will be going through a Full Restoration 

Custom Built with the options you pick

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Sim Features

Multi or Single Engine Flight Training Device (FTD)

FAA Level 1 Conferred

Over three hundred AST 300s on five continents.  It is the preferred Flight Training Device for thousands of flight instructors and students.


Standard Factory Options 

Full Size Piston Twin Cockpit

Full IFR Piston Twin Instrument Panel

Electrical System with failures

Landing Gear Indicating System

Remote Instructor Station with Console andTerminal

Airport Model Database with generic runways

Pilot instruments including:

Airspeed Indicator




Turn & Bank Indicator

Digital Clock

Pilot Controls with Seat and Rudder Pedals

Functioning Gauges:

Includes Engine Instrument Gauges,

Propeller, Eng RPM, Oil Temp/Press

RNAV with DME distance information

Rudder Trim

IFR King Silver Crown Avionics Including:

Dual King NAV/COM receivers,

Marker Beacons and Audio Panel,

Procedural Transponder, and ADF


Functioning Flight Hours Meter

Engine Sound System:

Reposition Memory

Modular Construction


Factory Options 

Center Console with Power, Prop, and Mixture Levers, Electric Elevator and Manual Rudder

Trim with Indicators, Alternate Air, EGT, CHT, Fuel System, Cowl Flaps

Horizontal Situational Indicator

Radio Magnetic Indicator

Remote Compass

Full Color Day/Night/Twilight Pilot Side Visual System

Copilot Monitor providing additional field of vision (Repeat of Pilot Side)

Projected Pilot & Co-Pilot field of vision

Copilot Seat

Single Engine Conversion Kit

Toe Brakes


Other Options

Garmin or Bendix King GPS

Moving Map System

New Enhanced Visual System

Custom Airport Database

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