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Simulator Differences

            General Pictures and Information


New Style King Air Fiberglass Enclosure With New Panels




Old Style King Air ABS Plastic Enclosure With Old Style Panels



                                    Box or "Dog House" Enclosure with projector Visual System
                We currently have the only two of these ever produced for the AST 300 in our stock


                                                            Old Cabinet Style Enclosure
                            This Type of Enclosure is Found on the Oldest Usually Obsolete FTD's
Normally configured with a Black and White Visual System Utilizing an Old B&W TV for the Monitor. This Set-Up with a Bausch and Lomb Plotter is a Sure Sign its Operating on an Older
                                                    Software Revision that is Obsolete.


                                                            Older Style Instrumentation Panels
    Note the Placement of the Gear Lever, Parking Brake Switch and the Meter Artificial Horizon
                                    Old Style Co-Pilot Panel has Instructor Failure Switches 


New Style Expanded Instructor Failure Console





Old Style Short Versions of Instructor Console





For more detailed pictures see our photo gallery 





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