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USAF 68-0125 The Only Restored F-111D Escape Capsule

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USAF Serial # 68-0125

F-111D 68-0125 has now moved to Dayton, Ohio

 This is the only F-111D Advanced Avionics restored Escape Capsule!

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Delivered to the USAF on 18 September 1972. 524th TFS. Crashed 1415hrs MST, 11 September 1987.
Pilot Maj John Sides/ WSO Maj. Russell Striker. Call sign--Captor 11 Ejected safely. 

The aircraft had accumulated 1444 flights and 3494.2 flight hours at it's time of loss. (info from Don Logan's F-111 Aardvark reference book). 

USAF 68-0125 crash impact site                          Cannon AFB Clovis, New Mexico

September 11, 1987: Mishap aircraft (F-111D 68-0125 27th TFW 524th TFS) departed at 1241 MDT as a single ship initial qualification check for the Weapon Systems Officer (WSO). The mission consisted of terrain following and visual low level range bombing events and instrument recovery in visual weather conditions. The mishap occurred during a simulated single engine approach flown in conjunction with an airborne instrument landing approach. The aircrew ejected and the aircraft, configured for landing crashed 1.57 NM short of the landing runway in an open field at 1408 MDT. The capsule functioned normally and the crew egressed without injury.

Below is a short video of an F-111D in flight. Has some great shots of the HUD
and Advanced Avionics Suite in action.

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