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Purchasing Considerations

Before Purchasing any Flight Simulator Consider the Following

Purchasing an FTD (Flight Training Device) or Flight Simulator is a big decision. There are several areas to consider before making your investment whether it is a used or new Simulator.  These considerations include Sim Model, Sim Options, Sim Revisions (Is it Maintainable-Upgradeable), Has the sim undergone any modifications that would interfere with its FAA Certificate, Transportation, Set up and Calibration and Training on Operations and Maintenance


Sim Model: What type of simulator or FTD does your school require? Does it need to be cockpit specific? Does it need to be convertible switching from Single Engine to Multi-Engine? Will a Generic Simulator or FTD fit your needs? This is where it starts, Making the right decision in the beginning may make all the difference in your ability to train correctly and get the most out of your investment.

Sim Options: What options will best suit your schools needs for training? Will a DG instrument work or do you need to upgrade to HSI? Is an RMI needed? Will you use a GPS in your training program? What type of Avionics Package do you require? Do you require Dual Controls? Starting out with the proper options will greatly aid in your training program.

Sim Revisions: This is probably the most important especially if you are looking at a used sim from a private seller. Does the sim have the most current Revisions? Some Simulators may appear to look the same but in fact they run on a totally different chipsets and electronics that may be obsolete. Older Sims may not be repairable or upgradeable. Make sure you are purchasing a reliable Simulator with the proper revisions.

Modifications: Has the sim undergone any modifications. This is also very important. We have seen a lot of different user modifications over the years; some have even been so extensive they violated their FAA certification. Things to look for with modifications are, Were they performed by a professional company or the owner of the sim? By unplugging any of the modifications will the sim continue to function as it did from the Factory? Has the original factory Flight Model been compromised? This can happen by someone trying to interface the simulator through a video game program like Microsoft Flight Simulator. Modifications of the Flight Model or any Major System of the Simulator WILL violate its FAA certification! All of our upgrades fall with-in the guidelines of the FAA .

Transportation: Professional Flight Simulators are all custom made devices. They are very delicate and require special attention when moving whether it be rolled across a room or transported around the globe. Probably the worst mistake that can be made is trying to transport a simulator in its complete form. Doing so will cause irreversible damages to components and systems. We make several repairs a year on simulators that have just been loaded in the back of a U-Haul and transported across town or the country. What can happen? Instruments breaking apart from vibration, Actual chips vibrating out of computer cards, Destruction of computer boards rubbing on other components, Damages in the thousands! We have transported Simulators to most all continents on the globe and are aware of the special needs it takes to do so. Domestically we use a custom built enclosed trailer made special for the hauling of Flight Simulators. Do not take moving your simulator lightly. Consult with a Professional before doing so!

Set-Up and Calibration: Once your simulator has arrived at your destination, Do you have the resources to set it up? Do you have the ability to perform the necessary calibration that all simulators require? Is the simulator ready for the FAA inspection and will it pass? Don’t risk just plugging it in and turning it on which could lead to big troubles. Consult with a professional and make sure everything is operational and calibrated to Factory Standards.

Operations and Maintenance: After your Simulator has arrived and it has been set-up and ready to use you may find that you are not familiar with the functionality of your device. You may want to go through training to familiarize yourself with the simulator so you can get the most out of it. We offer Set-Up and Training on Operations and Maintenance with all of our simulators. We can also travel to your destination to give training on your current sim or you may want to go through our extended training program at our facility.




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